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Greg Blekherman

Contact Info: grrigg@gmail.com

My home page has moved to: https://sites.google.com/site/grrigg/

I am a postdoc with research interests in applied algebraic geometry, convex geometry and mathematical biology. Here are slides from one of my recent talks that illustrate my research interests and current research (slides).

In the Fall of 2010 I will be at IPAM for a special semester in Modern Trends in Optimization and Its Application. In the Spring 2011 I will be at UC San Diego.

Together with Jiawang Nie I gave a series of lectures on semi-definite relaxations, sums of squares and nonnegative polynomials at the MSRI Graduate Workshop on Algebraic, Geometric, and Combinatorial Methods for Optimization. Here are lecture notes for (some of) my lectures and our joint homework assignment.

During the last summer I worked with REU students at VBI on two projects, one dealing with modeling of iron metabolism in human cells and second dealing with computational methods for analysis of discrete dynamical systems. Links and preprints are upcoming!

During my time at VBI I worked on data analysis methods for metabolomics data. The data sets typically are severely under-determined, with hundreds t thousands of measured variables and less than a hundred samples. Here is a link to a preprint of a survey article of data analysis methods used in practice. I also worked on applying techniques from topological data analysis to metabolomics data.

During Spring 2010 I volunteered for Kids' Tech University program at Virginia Tech. Following the lectures I gave hands on demonstrations about science and teamwork to students aged 9-12. I also gave tours of VBI to elementary school students in an effort to introduce them to science and scientific thinking.